The Silk Road Vol. 1 is the first release in a series of experimental fusion collaborations featuring artists and sounds from the old trade routes connecting Europe, The Middle East and Asia.

Put together by Cultured Sounds and produced by Sixth Sense, the first instalment of The Silk Road features Indian master percussionist K.V.Balakrishnan, who extends a new take on his enchanting tabla rhythms widely known across Bollywood films.

The EP captures the essence of cultural exchange that arose through silk road trade, creating an eclectic concoction of melodies and infectious rhythms over a backdrop of electronic beats – a combination of atmospheric, pensive breaks and enchanting Asian sounds that become hypnotic, whilst balanced by a chaotic energy and denseness that keeps the mind attentive.

Each musician bring their flava to the project, from swirling desert guitars to distorted oud grooves to distant, haunting vocals – The Silk Road Vol. 1 is a truly original, genre-defying release.

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