The latest in Delta Lima’s summer / autumn collection on Cultured Sounds comes in the form of Hybrid Freqs produced banger ‘Money Tree’. The single is accompanied by a flamey video directed by Lewi London, available on our YouTube channel. Subscribe and share to help spread the word.

Money Tree is an inner-city narrative told through the eyes of an individual realising their potential. The story picks up with a young Lima witnessing the obstacles, distractions and contradictions of life in London first hand.

He sees people struck by addiction and dependence, stuck in cycles, whilst people across the road dine out for lunch! The contrast leads some to extremes to make a living, but Delta chooses to pursue an artistic path and channel his energy positively.

The empowerment he gains from self expression leads to a new confidence and progression in life.

The single is Delta’s second collaboration with Hybrid Freqs production duo, following ‘Put it on Page’ (Aug 16), and has a similarly energetic bounce. The more stripped-down sound features a rare arcophonico lead, amongst soulful touches and cheeky percussive additions.. An instant head nodder!

The single is available from our website and all digital platforms.

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