Hybrid Freqs arrive with their first full length release of instrumental goodness. An accumulation of years working together, producers and Cultured Sounds founders C Tek and Sixth Sense combine forces for ‘Double Helix’ – a beat tape with added density.

Capturing the true essence of Cultured Sounds, Hybrid Freqs take you on a journey around the world via every small jazz bar in every back alley in every village, town and city. ‘Double Helix’ darts from a street corner in Marrakesh to a New Orleans recording studio via a Trans-Siberian Express train traveling across the vast plains and tight city streets of the silk road. All in the space of 40 minutes!

This highly eclectic beat tape takes the soul of Nujabes and adds a blend of Hybrid Freqs’ unique rhythms, creative melodic composition and exemplary sampling. Sewn together by Watusi87, Mike Kalle and Solar Black among others, providing messages through the organic narrative and the skit chops providing a personal feel to the experience, the overall atmosphere is a reflective one. The esteemed production duo encourage a kick back vibe, fusing worldly sounds, where elements of funk and soul regularly surface to keep your head nodding.

The release was constructed from a selection of quirky instrumentals and interludes, supplemented by more rap-friendly beats that showcase Hybrid Freqs variety and musical appreciation.

“Double Helix is an ambitious beat tape, authentically executed throughout, and features timeless jazzy samples such as in ‘October’ which is a personal favourite. There’s also a level of consciousness weaved into the melodies, which even if not picked up on the first time round are certainly highlighted by the track titles that set the tone nicely. What’s most impressive about the project is that it takes the listener on an unpredictable yet organic journey with quirky twists & turns while staying true to the genre itself.”

– Güneş, ITCH.fm Better Late Show

‘Double Helix’ is an accomplished collection of instrumentals, a sonic adventure for music fans and vocalists alike. Please support by downloading ‘Double Helix’ from the Cultured Sounds site or any major digital retailer.

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