Eastbourne all-rounder Fullmarx teams up with the Hybrid Freqs production duo to bring you ‘That’s Mine’ – a glimpse into the mind of an artist being torn away from their work. The singer, rapper and funny man gives an accomplished and emotive performance, complimented by another crisp visual from Lewi London.

Fresh from BBC Introducing performances, iTunes Top 10 charting album ‘Welcome To The Greys’, and clocking over 7 million views on forthcoming single ‘Sex Face’, Fullmarx is set to take advantage of the substantial internet buzz he’s created over the last year. Combining articulate rap poetry with smooth, expressive singing in his distinctive south coast tone, ‘That’s Mine’ captures the moment that he stood up against everyone and everything standing in his way.

Feeling like there’s a path set out for you against your will is a powerful stimulant for forging your own path. Fullmarx exclaims that he’s ”laying it all on the line” – a message conveyed expertly, with clarity and style. Overcoming anger, frustration and a stubborn ambition for music, he takes back what is rightfully his.

Fullmarx gave some context on the project: ”I didn’t grow up on a rough estate, I don’t come from a broken home. Though the struggle may be different…it’s just as real.”

Check out the video and download the track from our website. ‘That’s Mine’ is also available for download on iTunes, Bandcamp and all good digital retailers.

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