Haan returns with the follow-up to last year’s Bless The Dead EP. The London-based lyricist teams up with Sixth Sense for the entirety of this 8-track studio release, recorded by the legendary Chemo. The EP combines thoughtful lyricism, powerful flows and next level wordplay with intricate, hard-hitting production. The growth of the duo is clear from the diversity of the songs and the detailed approach to sound selection and song arrangement.

The Format is Haan’s take on the modern urban metropolis from different viewpoints and perspectives, all of which challenge the listener to contemplate the state of the corporate, hyper capitalist world we’re living in. In a place where you are forced to adopt different personas, the challenge of being true to yourself becomes increasingly difficult.  Surrounded by force-fed imagery and aware of the secret eye that could be watching us at all times, the challenge to oneself is to see the good in the world and appreciate the beauty of our multi-cultural society.

The release features 2 of the UK’s finest rappers in Melanin 9 and Raggo Zulu Rebel, who are joined on the EP by legendary Drum & Bass vocalist MC Fats and female Jazz singer Lilli Unwin.  With such a balanced and inventive mix of input, this EP is one to be cherished by Hip-Hop and general music fans alike.

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