Vibrations Dub is a summer sizzler of a posse cut, brought to you by production-duo Hybrid Freqs. The 7-strong vocal line up includes some familiar faces on the label, alongside Shumba Youth and Fedzilla who we welcome to the CS family.

Taking inspiration from the chorus, each rapper brings a different voice and perspective to the situation. Majical conjures images of injustice and asks for solutions, before Mike Kalle explains life is his inspiration for staying on the rise. Oracy speaks on keeping your eyes open and Watusi87 keeps determination strong whilst celebrating the legends lost. Fedzilla sings of avoiding the cracks in the system to achieve overstanding, and S.I Stature turns to family and friends for a sense of community. The artists’ perspectives form a conscious vibration that connects with the global need to exist in harmony with each other and stand together against oppression.

In a music industry over-saturated with conveyor-belt products, Vibrations Dub comes as a refreshing dose of vitality for the self. A combination of dub reggae sweetness with hiphop charisma make this beat a guaranteed party banger, with round the clock suitability. Returning with their third single of the year following productions on ‘Imagination’ (Majical & Watusi87) and ‘Put it on Page’ (Delta Lima), the production pairing of Sixth Sense & C Tek demonstrate their versatility and ability to create multi-tempo, cross-genre vibes.

The single is accompanied by canal-based summertime video shot by Silver Nitrate Productions. ‘Vibrations Dub’ is available from the Cultured Sounds website and all digital stores.

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