Cultured Sounds are proud to present our first full length project ‘Foot In The Door’ by the silver tongue lyricist Oracy.  Supported by a strong lineup on the beats and vocals, the Wolverhampton-raised, London-based vocalist has created a body of work that captures her life experience.

The guest collaborators combine well with producers Hybrid Freqs to form a cohesive backdrop for a variety of poetry-driven tracks, which manage to balance the emotions of personal experience with the wisdom of a wider perspective.  Oracy has a unique way with words – weaving intricate rhyme-laden patterns, never sacrificing content – and shows that in abundance across 13 tracks.

The song concepts are instantly relatable, touching on aspects of Hip-Hop culture, community and personal development, and freedom, whilst exploring general musings and frustrations at the world.  ‘Foot In The Door’ is a thoughtful and purposeful collection of music, delivered with a humble confidence that sets Oracy apart from other rappers. We hope you enjoy the music and videos for the project, and keep an eye out for Oracy performing across the UK & Europe this summer!

‘Foot In The Door’ is available to order on CD or Digital directly from our website.

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