Similar to Sporting legends George Foreman and Tom Brady, we’re about to witness another great comeback. This time it’s South-London rapper RAX, who makes a heavyweight musical return with ‘Tek It And Go’ – a hard-hitting anthem, equally at home in the club or car.

Balancing humour with ice-cold lyricism on a Hybrid Freqs-produced banger, RAX brings you into his world where people aren’t waiting around for handouts – they’re about to tek it and go!

The song has a moody London-centric vibe, conjuring images of driving down backstreets in a packed car and rolling through Nando’s on a quick one. The energy on the track shows the hunger and determination of an artist to claim his rightful place among the most discussed and celebrated rappers.

This is the first in a wave of new music coming from RAX as he sets his sights on reminding fans why they backed him so hard, whilst breaking ground to connect with a worldwide fanbase.

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