Colombian-bred rapper S.I Stature of Skull and Cashmere Affairs drops his debut Cultured Sounds release with the soulful double track ‘Radiate / Wait Until Tonight’. The nocturnal adventurer aka Jonny Figures links up with producer Horus Musiqa to get some things off his chest.

Letting us into the characters of his 24/7 world, S.I gives testimonies relating to 2 particular women he’s encountered. We discover how he overcomes temptation and learns to understand troublesome personalities, while maintaining his cool. As the story unfolds, the true nature of these characters is revealed, but S.I keeps his poise.

The musical tapestry by Horus Musiqa provides the required flair for this story, with beats displaying composition and sampling skills woven vibrantly. The co-producer of previous Cultured Sounds singles ‘Universal Mind’ and ‘One For The Love’ steps up with his first solo produced release.

The single is available for free download from the Cultured Sounds website.

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