1 for The Love

2 for The Peace

3 for The Justice We’re Searching For…

…The Mind That Is Trapped Inside of Your TV. That Is Something That You Have To Let Go

The message of Peace, Love and Justice is a global call for unity in the struggle. We must unite against the oppressive methods of control and misinformation that continue to cause suffering and worsen inequality worldwide.

‘1 For The Love’ encapsulates this message through multi-lingual, heartfelt poetry over flamenco guitar inspired Latin swing. Street Souls representatives K’Ilejero & Dogman, alongside close affiliate Spiri2 Lopez, combine perspectives on society and the system, sharing elements of the understanding and self-discipline that provides them with the strength to overcome oppression. All give charismatic performances on a spacious Sixth Sense beat, laced with Latin percussion, distorted guitars and an airy Pete Rock-esque flute on the hook!

Cultured Sounds and Street Souls have collaborated with Global Faction to bring you stunning visuals for this single – another free release on the back of Haan’s The Format EP.

The download is available directly from our website, hope you enjoy!!

Peace, Love & Justice


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