RU1-FAM members Watusi87 & Majical combine on a poignant and uplifting track, inspired by the wisdom of Haile Selassie I. Weaving charismatic images over a Hybrid Freqs production, the duo deliver their first Cultured Sounds release with aplomb.

’Imagination’ is a song that encapsulates the problems of today’s society with an optimistic outlook. Both rappers describe their awareness of the corruption and injustices that damage life, but find hope comes from inner strength and knowledge of self. The subtle presence of readings from ‘The Autobiography of Emperor Haile Selassie I’ perfectly compliment the descriptive nature of the verses, juxtaposing the lack of control we have over our wider environment with the ability to master our own thoughts and actions.

Hard-hitting lyrics with a spacious flow draw the listener in to a swirling atmosphere of strings and wistful horns, amid rolling percussion – another signature Hybrid Freqs beat in the vein of 2015 single ‘Universal Mind’.

The single is available to buy directly from the Cultured Sounds website and across digital platforms.

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